November Update


Dear Wild Crypto Followers,

Things are finally starting to progress in a way that is very exciting.

1 The company is officially formed and incorporated in Curacao. This was the first major hurdle for the platform, but the process was very smooth, even though it took longer than expected.

2 Now that the company is formed we have the ability to be licensed by the Curacao Gaming Commission. We are happy to confirm that this is now complete as well and the Wild Crypto Gaming licence is now being processed.

3 Game development is moving rapidly as well. We have 2 games totally finished, 4 additional that are almost done and at least another 4 to be added prior to launch.

Our goal is to be adding two new games every month after launch.

4 The new website is also coming along nicely. We have two separate teams working on the website.

A front end design team is designing the overall look and feel of the new website.

And the backend software team - this is where the real magic happens, as they are working hard on blockchain development & integration, as well as new game design & testing.

We are still very much looking to launch by Mid January 2018.

5 We are launching a new marketing campaign which will kick off during the first week of December and will continue in a big way until spring of 2018.

This will be a two fold marketing campaign, promoting both the Website & The Wild Token. This should help raise the profile of the Wild Token in a huge way. Now is a great time to buy any more tokens before the marketing campaign commences.

We need Help Choosing a Mascot

Now that the website design and games are progressing nicely we have decided that the Wild Crypto Platform needs a Mascot. So this week we are going to start a 99-Designs contest to help us create the perfect mascot for the website and we need your help.

Once the designs start coming in from the different designers we will be sending out a news letter showcasing the very best designs, at which point we will be asking you to pick your favourite.

The design with the most likes will be our Mascot. So please stay tuned.

How to see your Wild Tokens - Post Token Sale

In order to see your tokens please open your MyEtherWallet account, on the right hand side of page, approximately half way down, you should see Add Custom Token, Click this Button, then use details below… you should see your WILD Token balance right away.

- To add WILD Token to the MyEtherWallet list use the following:

• Address: 0xd3c00772b24d997a812249ca637a921e81357701

• Token Symbol: WILD

• Decimals: 18

Ed Zynda our blockchain developer has produced a video showing you exactly how to set up a new wallet, fund it with Ether, add WILD Tokens to your token list, then participate in the crowd-sale, you can watch the video here:

The Wild Crypto Team

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