The Eco-Mining Bonus Program is Delayed until we get it Right.

Dear Wild Crypto Followers,

We are sorry to say but we are having to postpone the start of the Eco-Mining Program until we get it Right.

The web based program that we are building for the Eco-Mining program requires the use of Google Chrome using Mist or MetaMask to operate. Although this is the best route for us to take for the Eco-Mining Program, we also realise that there is an inherent learning curve associated with this option, which would not be fair to some of the people wanting to participate.

We choose this route as there is no way to simply send tokens to the smart contract address as was done during the Token Sale, as tokens sent to a contract are not detected the same way Ether is.

The web based UI that we are building simplifies this process, but we realise there is a learning curve and some steps that need to be prepared for prior to participation. One day may not be enough time for some people.

We are choosing to postpone the Eco-Mining program until we have a full description & video explaining the full process in detail, giving every person wanting to participate a fair chance at doing so, and not just the tech savvy.

We are really sorry for having to do this, but we feel it is better this way. Otherwise we will have some people really upset with us for not getting in because of confusion.

Please be patient, we will send out all the info needed at least one week in advance of the new start date, giving everyone enough time to participate properly.

The Wild Crypto Team

Wild Crypto B.V.

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