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JSNIP4 is in on Wild Crypto are You?

Famous Youtube’er JSNIP4 of the Realist News Channel, recently reviewed the Wild Crypto White paper and says he will be participating in the Wild Crypto Token Sale this coming September 5th… Are you?

Watch the video.



We’re Changing the Date… Token Sale starts September 5th, 2017

Wild Crypto has interest from a significant investor, this is exciting news, in order to complete the discussions we have extended the Token Sale date to the 5th September.

We believe this is the best thing we can do for everyone involved. Please keep up with the Token Sale progress by Registering for Updates today.

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Wild Crypto – Amazing Opportunity?

Written by Sam Buxton

Token Sale Date – September 5th, 2017.

As an experienced cryptocurrency investor, I know a great investment when I see one. I think Wild Crypto’s early adopters and investors will realize MASSIVE returns. I͛m all in and here͛s why:

When choosing the right Token Sale to invest in, I always analyze three things; product, people and supply.


So what is Wild Crypto? Wild Crypto is building a global decentralized lottery on the Ethereum Blockchain. They are building a smooth and user-friendly lottery application for smart phones & mobile devices. The decentralized nature of Wild Crypto creates unbelievably attractive odds by eliminating unnecessary costs such as government taxes. As seen in their white player:

‘Players no longer have to suffer odds of 156 million to 1 as with the Euro Millions. Wild Crypto will provide 12 million to 1 odds, virtually guaranteeing several weekly millionaires’ (white paper)

As an investor, I love vice industries such as the gaming, alcohol and tobacco industries. Gaming is extremely addictive and profitable. (This gives me confidence that Wild Crypto will generate impressive revenues in a short period of time) The size of the lottery and associated games market is$260 billion and only 4% is online meaning there is a HUGE gap in the market place for Wild Crypto!

It’s also really important to mention that Wild Crypto will meet all licensing and regulatory requirements via its partner company Twelve40 Limited. This will undoubtedly increase Wild Crypto͛s successful speed to market.


Invest in people, not concepts! I cannot stress this enough in the crypto currency space. New ideas are being conceptualised everyday in the crypto space, however only a select few teams will successfully launch and push a real product to market.

I believe Wild Cypto’s team has what it takes to launch a successful product. Wild Crypto has an All Star team consisting of experienced entrepreneurs with impressive backgrounds in e-gaming, software development, advertising, eCommerce and more! Each member has had prior success and understands business strategy. Wild Crypto’s CEO, Frank Pira isan experienced entrepreneur having built and successfully exited several businesses. His business insights coupled with his ability to build highly dynamic and competitive teams makes him a strong leader resulting in a proven success track record.

Token Supply

Wild Crypto will be offering 30 million tokens to the public in their initial Token Sale. The total supply will be 100 million. As an investor, I only invest in tokens that have less than 150 million tokens in total circulation.


The last gaming Token Sale I invested in was GNOSIS (built on the etheruem blockchain too), which has already returned 760% in 4 months. In my opinion, Wild Crypto will outperform GNOSIS. Players will be able to purchase tokens at a fixed rate of 100:1 Ether, but will be offered at a 2000:1 ratio during the Token Sale launch. This will give Investors a 20X ROI (2000%!!)

Disclaimer– I am not an investment advisor and this is not investment advice. Do your own research! That being said, I am a student of finance and an experienced investor that knows a good opportunity when I see’s one.

About the author:

Sam is a Cryptocurrency & Fin-Tech Enthusiast, who is extremely passionate about economics, investments and eBusiness. I have experience across a range of asset classes including Equities, Fixed Income, Structured Products, Commodities, FX and Digital Assets. The Fintech landscape fascinates me and the last two companies I have worked for have been start ups in this space specifically. (FX and Payments).

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Games of chance are risky, but as a source of revenue they are a safe bet!

Whether you a gambler, neutral about the industry, or even against it on some grounds, one thing is certain, it isa huge industry and it is here to stay. It is however evolving and often finds itself at the leading edge of innovation. One such innovation is Cryptocurrency which is being used in casinos today and is growing in popularity. In part it is used to attract players but casinos are now converting regular players to adopt the technology because it provides a secure fast method of exchange. Typically Bitcoin has been used but it has the disadvantage of reputational taint and causes some to shy away from the many advantages crypto currencies offer.This is where “Wilds” has the advantage, “Wilds” are created with a single purpose in mind, that is why this is different, “Wilds” probity and purpose is known from creation. They are delivered from an Ethereum ERC20 fork, to be used solely in the eGaming brand of Wild Crypto.

Wild Crypto is offering the World’s First Global Lottery, this is exciting, removing geographical boundaries and providing a game for all. The Token Sale which launches on 5 September 2017, does two things, it provides the “Wild’s”to ensure large jackpots and roll overs from day one and guarantees pay-outs. It also provides an instant 20 times upside for those who get in on the Token Sale. The Token Sale is offering “Wilds”at 2000:1 (2000 Wilds to 1 ether) whereas once the launched “Wilds”will be pegged at 100:1. But Wild Crypto is not stopping there, they plan to move into other sectors of the market including slots and casino games offering a variety of entertainment across the sector.

What has been driving this crypto evolution?. Initially it was characterised by “believers of digital currency”, enthusiasts and early adopters. Today, however, blockchain is going main stream, majors players are involved and startups are disrupting industries across the board, everything from identifying the probity of diamonds to confirming sustainably caught tuna in your local supermarket.

Conclusion Wild Crypto is extending the Ethereum to create their “Wilds”providing probity and assurance for players. Ethereum is the obvious choice of blockchain because it was designed from inception for handling agreements or smart contracts as they have become known. Wild Crypto has recognised this and integrated this into their business model.

I’m not an investment advisor and this is not investment advice however this Token Sale looks like it has all the ingredients of a great opportunity in a growing global market. It certainly looks exciting!



Regulation meets the blockchain in eGaming a hybrid partnership

Twelve40 is excited to be providing their technology to Wild Cryptos. The Twelve40 platform has been developed with significant investment in research, design, usability and build. The technology we used and continue to use is the at the forefront of the gaming industry.

Twelve40 have a state of the art platform for lottery and lottery games. They are regulated in Jersey, a tier 1 jurisdiction, which gives Operators and their players comfort that the games are tested, certified, true to the published odds and therefore fair. The additional differential is that the technology pushes game results to an ethereum blockchain, meaning that the games are certified in the conventional way to comply with the needs of regulators as well as delivering the results immediately to a tamper proof and visible ledger on the blockchain.

As regulators become more comfortable with the application of blockchain technology Twelve40 will develop more of their technology in that direction. Today, however, eGaming industry regulators are conservative by nature and therefore only typically comfortable to evolve as technology matures. The optimal way to provide a regulated and certified blockchain lottery experience in this environment is to deliver a hybrid solution that benefits the players whilst maintaining the traditional game controls that regulators are comfortable with.

The platform features the latest instant win gaming content from a carefully chosen range of market leading providers. Wild Cryptos have chosen a range of games for their market segment enabling access to the most relevant gaming entertainment.

The platform is mobile first all content is built in HTML5, allowing games to be developed and deployed across all smartphones, tablets and desktop PCs with internet access.Wild crypto players are able to use their device of choice either at home or on the move.

The platform provides management functionalities that enable Wild Cryptos to take ownership with a sophisticated yet concise admin system creating operational efficiencies. The platform deploys a tier 1 global content delivery network to ensure there are no barriers to expansion and to provide the best possible player experience.

The player account enables players to take complete control of their game play, view their play history and pre purchased tickets, set limits for their game play if they wish as well as log customer queries. It is a one-stop-shop for players providing a seamless experience.

Nigel Renouf Business Development Director says “Twelve40 is delighted to be partnering with Wild Cryptos, their talented teams, innovative, visionary approach to the sector coupled with their exemplary marketing expertise will make for an exciting player environment. They are changing the game!“