The Eco-Mining Bonus Program is Delayed for 1 Day

Dear Wild Crypto Followers,

We are sorry to say but we are having to postpone the start of the Eco-Mining Program for 1 more day. As we are just not fully ready with the front end custom app that we are building. We will send out final details on how to participate not later then tomorrow 6pm GMT (London Time). Sorry for any problems, we just want to get it right.

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Things are moving at Wild Crypto

Dear Wild Crypto followers!

We feel like a duck who’s legs are rapidly moving under the water but everything above water seems fairly calm. In other words there is lots going on but not much in the way of info to share.

Here is what is happening with the WILD Crypto team since our last newsletter.

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Wild Crypto Quick Update

Dear Wild Crypto followers,

This is going to be a short update.

The last week has been fairly boring as far as information to share, it has mostly consisted of filling out lots of paperwork for our Curaçao corporation and license. The Curaçao gaming commission is quite strict with their requirements to become regulated and licensed, requiring many bits of background information including full international background checks of all the directors. This is one of the reasons we chose Curaçao to be our headquarters as we feel their gaming commission is doing everything they can to legitimize the online gaming industry, yet are still flexible enough to allow us to build and operate a crypto currency based eGaming & lotto platform.

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We are Heading to Curacao!

Dear Wild Crypto followers!

We have had a very busy week preparing for our trip to the beautiful Caribbean island of Curacao, so that we can incorporate & get fully regulated.  Curacao will be the new home base for Wild Crypto after incorporation. We also plan to open a base in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

We have also spent a lot of time this week working on game design & development, as we are looking to create a unique experience for our players.

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Wild Crypto Token Buy Back Confusion? Clarification!

Dear Wild Crypto followers!

We have had a number of emails over the last few weeks regarding the Token Buy Back policy once the platform launches. These emails are often similar in nature and ask if we will be buying back the tokens purchased during the token sale at the 100:1 rate once we have launched.

The quick answer to this question is NO.

It would be impossible for us to purchase all the tokens back at the full price as it would quickly end our business… as we simply could not afford it.

Our policy has always been that we would be selling our tokens at the fixed rate of 100:1 once the platform opens for business, and would eventually offer the service of buying back the tokens once we felt there was enough capital to safely do so. This option will probably start a few months after launch, but would only be for players that purchased their tokens at the full 100:1 price.

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Meetings, meetings & more meetings! It’s all Good.

Dear Wild Crypto followers!

Things are moving fast with the Wild Crypto team & platform. It seems every day we are spending lots of time in meetings, moving things forward bit by bit with the ultimate goal of a fully conceived platform launch this January 2018.

Over the last week we have had a number of really great meet ups with the team at Twelve40, they are prioritising the Wild Crypto platform development knowing we have a very tight deadline to launch. They have been fantastic, filling us in on aspects of the industry that we will need to focus on and get just right.

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The Wild Crypto Token Sale was a success & we Thank You!

Dear Wild Crypto followers!

Sorry for the delayed update. The Wild Crypto team have worked really hard over the last few months, and yet we are only just getting started.

We have reached the minimum goal of 10,000,000 Wild Tokens Sold, and now can move forward with the building of the company & most importantly the platform, for this we thank YOU, our Supporters!

We are going to make the Wild Crypto platform Great, and we are going to make it WILD!

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Time is Running Out if you haven’t had a chance to get WILD

The WILD Crypto Token Sale is almost over.

If you haven’t had a chance to purchase your WILD Tokens there is still some time left. Head on over to https://wildcrypto.com/ and get WILD.

Before participating in the Token-Sale it is very important that you carefully review the Legal Notice on our website. You will also need to purchase some Ether tokens, then set up an account with MyEtherWallet.com, if you haven’t already.

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Welcome to Wild Crypto Token Sale

Dear Wild Crypto supporters,

Thank you for your interest in the Token Sale… the last few days have been amazing, we have sold more then 23,000,000 million WILD Tokens to date, with the pre-sale selling out in 96 Seconds.

There is still 3 Days left in the main sale, here is what you have to do to participate.

Because we have received so many requests we have decided to add an additional 5 million WILD Tokens to the sale, boosting the total figure to 35 million tokens. As promised, we have also added an additional 200 tokens to the ratio pushing it to 2200:1, meaning for every one Ether Token you send you will receive 2200 WILD Tokens in return.

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Forbes Magazine mentions Wild Crypto as a Company to Watch.

Original Article: https://www.forbes.com/sites/montymunford/2017/08/31/reality-clash-coins-it-with-ico-and-augmented-reality/

For any company preparing and prepping for an upcoming ICO, the news this week from messaging company Kik that it plans to raise $125 million through an IPO, will have been rather pleasing.

Throughout 2017, the ICO has been described as the future of money, the end of venture capital or a Ponzi scheme that will burn the naive in this modern Klondyke. Kik’s strategy adds credibility to each of these scenarios.

Whatever of these turns out to be true, there is no doubt that this is a modern-day Gold Rush and nobody wants to miss out on the extraordinary returns if products hit critical mass and investors get in early.

So, which sectors are likely to prosper? Gambling would appear to be one. Earlier this week, US developer Wild Crypto announced a global lottery and gaming platform to launch an ICO with the aim of raising 15,000 Ether Tokens (worth around $5 million) to take its product to market.

By publishing results of games to the blockchain, early backers will be able to cash-out in Ether or to a Bitcoin backed debit card. In many ways, this coin will be the digital equivalent of a chip in a real-world casino.

While gambling is interesting, perhaps it is another form of gaming – games – that may profit the most from ICOs, not least because augmented reality adds another layer of authenticity and ‘modernity’. The two would appear to be the perfect match.

One immediate example is Reality Clash from the Reality Gaming Group, something the company calls ‘the world’s first augmented reality combat game for iPhone and Android’, and one that it hopes will take mobile combat games to a new level.

The free-to-play game will use the phone’s camera to render an AR view of the world on-screen, with geolocation gameplay inviting players to enter face-to-face combat with each other in real time, in real locations.

They can invite friends, join tournaments and set up battles in urban areas, parks and woodlands. Basically, players can shoot people they can see in front of them; something that is bound to sell. Think of it as Pokemon Go with guns.

To fund the development of the game, Reality Gaming Group has embarked on an ICO using Ethereum blockchain technologies, from which it aimed to raise a minimum of $1.5 million.

At the time of writing and only 48 hours after the ICO launch, Reality Clash had already raised $3 million.

The ICO opened fully on August 29th, following an initial pre-sale period for the investment community where participants can buy special RCC Gold tokens at the rate of only 1/3 of the regular RCC price.

The ICO closes on 29th Sept, participants will then be able to buy RCC Gold tokens in exchange for ETHER. RCC Gold coins will be discounted to roughly $0.30 per coin. This represents a discount of up to 70% on the retail price of RCC Silver coins ($1 per coin) when the game launches in the iPhone and Google+ app stores.

During the token sale, RCC will also come with extra ‘goodies’ including exclusive weapons, early demos and founder medals.

These special ICO weapons will be available from November and can either be used in the game at launch or traded and sold through the Reality Clash platform or secondary markets immediately for money. Crucially for investors, all in-game content will be ERC-20 tokenized with a Blockchain-based trust list.

“Reality Clash is a tremendously innovative game that also gives gamers a unique opportunity to get into the fast-moving world of ICOs and cryptocurrency trading.

“Players can speculate on weapons and become a virtual arms dealer or simply enjoy a tactical advantage by playing the game. Reality Clash was created and crafted by people who truly love video games and understand what players want,” said Tony Pearce, Reality Gaming Group Co-Founder.

The idea that a games company can go to an ICO using augmented reality capability as a selling point, then using the same coins offered in that IPO to become a currency for gamers to buy weapons, is a bright one.

ICOs have arrived and whatever they stay is still debate. Perhaps it will be games that take them to a new level, both in terms of authenticity and, more importantly, longevity. Time will tell.

Let’s carry on the conversation over at my Google News-verified blog Mob76 Outlook or on Twitter – @montymunford