Wild Crypto Website Launch is Delayed Until February 1st

Dear Wild Crypto Followers,

We are very sorry to say but we are having to postpone the launch of our new Wild Crypto eGmaing & Lotto platform.

The reason for postponing is that as the deadline draws closer we feel we have not had the time to test the platform as well as we had hoped.

As the Wild Crypto platform is a Gambling platform the legals of the site are an upmost priority and unfortunatly we are still waiting for some of these to be sent back to us before we can launch.

The games on the site are all coming along nicely but as some are provided by third-party gaming developers the process of integrating with the blockchain technology is taking a little longer than was originally anticipated as it is completely new tech to them.

We feel we will be able to combat all of these issues in a short time frame, this is why we are looking to launch the platform on the 1st of February.

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